Interview with Soraya
The Wonderer - today we are meeting Soraya Bakhtiar - a fashion influencer and as it turned out a beautiful soul.

— Do you believe in astrology? Share with us some interesting facts about the stars.


I’ve always feel connected to the stars and I’d like to believe that they work their magic on the ones who believe and knows how to use their power. I recently had an amazing session with an astrologer (@astrologyofthesoul) and I was blown away by the accuracy of everything that was in my chart and how it affects me in my daily life. I wouldn’t know where to begin if I have to start talking about astrology, but I understood recently that it’s not always about your main zodiac signs. Your rising sign and your moon sign also comes into play. For women, it’s important to know where your moon sign is because it’s what rules our emotions, our intuition, our power as women. Same goes for where Venus is in your chart because Venus is the planet that rules our femininity. I also learned that there are no good or bad charts, you just have to know where some planets are conflicting and how to not let it work against you. It’s harder for some people than others. If anyone is interested in a skype session or meeting with my astrologer, I would gladly pass on his information if you DM me. It was a very insightful experience and one that I will do every year to help me map out my work, travels, focus etc.


— Top 5 fashion brands or stores. What are your latest gems that we must know about?


I love House of Sunny, a brand I discovered recently. Collect 23 in Copenhagen has a great selection of vintage pieces (online too). In London, I love Koibird, it’s a season pop-up with a different theme each time and I always end up finding something special. La Veste, Blanca Miro’s fashion line of jackets. The Frankie Shop online for timeless basics, Wonder Wander of Course for emerging designers.

— What’s the most empowering quote for you and why? 


«Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself». by Rumi 


I love poems of Rumi, and I find them very truthful and empowering. This one in particular. Ask nothing from anyone because you can do it on your own if you set your mind to it. All the answers to the questions we have are within us, we just have to listen to intuition, and sometimes we forget. Happiness starts within, and this is something I’ve learned through mediation and through life experiences. If you can be happy on your own with nothing, then everything will be ok because you won’t try to fill a void, and you’ll end up enjoying the simplest things in life. Easier said than done, but this is something to live by, I believe.


— With the consistent growth of social media and pressure for perfection it portrays a different side of reality and a lot of people have been suffering from anxiety. What’s your remedy?


At some point, I let the system get to me, and I realised that I didn’t want social media to control my life. Even though I do have a social media presence, I am very discreet and mindful about the information I choose to post. I like to keep my personal and romantic life private, as well as the time I spend with my friends. I don’t like to document every single thing I do. I like to take little digital detoxes every now and then. I am more confident and more honest than I was and I stand by the things I say and wear. I try to keep it as real as possible, but I don’t let my public image define who I am, because there are so many other facets to me. Transcendental meditation really helped me to take some distance and to quiet my mind when I feel overwhelmed. Overall, I try to have a healthy lifestyle and I stay away from medications. I believe in the power of the mind over matter. 

— We heard some rumors about your upcoming project but it’s been very secret. Can u shed a light on it? 


I can’t reveal what it is just yet, because I’ve been still working very hard on it for more than a year now and I want everything to be perfect. I will reveal soon what it’s all about. But I’ll give you one big clue, it’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing and I’m so happy I gave myself this challenge, because I learned so much about the subject matter, and about myself too along the way. Building a business is very challenging, but my passion for it keeps me going! Stay tuned!


— As beauty trends have been booming what exactly keeps your skin glowing? (share top 5 products)


I love the Vitamin C serum from Mad Hippie, I’m also obsessed with the tinted moisturisers from IT Cosmetics (online and available in Selfridges) because they have SPF50 and it’s the best thing to protect your skin from pollution and sun damage. I also did a consultation with Lion/ne London which was very insightful and they gave me lots of tips on my skin routine. I also swear Hydrofacials at Beyond Media Spa in Harvey Nichols and Ami has been following me for months now and it’s crazy how much better my skin looks today at almost 30 years old. 

— What would you advice to a young influencer? What are the main ingredient of a brilliant career?


To be yourself, to have a strong voice. To send a message and to bring something more and new to the table. Unfortunately today, traveling for content is not enough, you need to stand out differently, but keep it real. Capitalise on the things you like, on who you are and make this your forte.