Interview with Salomé Limbach

Let’s start with an important question. How To Become A Gallerist ?

You have to be passionate about art and architecture. I insist on passion because the buying process requires a lot of risks as it relates to your taste. And then you have to share your passion with the world and make your prospect clients understand the idea behind an art piece and it’s story!

Tell us a bit about the origins of your gallery. What led you to open your gallery?


My father is an interior designer and I’ve grown up in this environment - mid century furniture. It’s undeniable that when you grow up you want to do something that you’re passionate about and share a little piece of what you think is important in culture. It’s a family led business I feel beyond grateful to have my parent’s full support and my father’s drive by my side to push the gallery to next level every few months by buying more important pieces!

What is your background and what did you do before?

I grew up in Switzerland and then did a bachelors in business in London - nothing related to what I’m doing - perhaps business

What kind of art do you represent? Can you please make examples?


Vintage and mid century. We have 3 areas of specialty. Mostly museum pieces in furniture such as Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret and Le Corbusier. In ceramics we have Picasso, Madoura, Roger Capron and Derval. For the memo Capron and Derval built the Byblos hotel in Saint-Tropez. Derval used to work for Picasso, and he used to make ceramics for him and sign Picasso. I love understated artists because they hide a true talent and dexterity. They can adapt to any personality and replicate their art in such a way that you would never make a difference behind Picasso’s signature of Derval for Picasso. Similarly in art we represent mostly l’école de Nice. Ben gilli villat Klein and my favourite Albert Chubac. He currently has an entire floor dedicated to him in Nice art museum called Mamac.

What is your favorite city to live and why?


I would have loved to live in New York. I strive to be busy I think it feeds my soul. Perhaps the next step for the gallery?
Otherwise I love Paris. I think it’s going to gain such a strong place in the art department with Brexit. We have amazing museums with great collections and exhibitions. Nevertheless another passion of mine is ballet - needless to say Moscow and Saint Petersburg are much more interesting for that!

Paris in three words .. ? What do you like most in Paris?


Romantic, eclectic and artistic. I love Paris because it embodies romance and is rich in architecture and history. Its becoming a very important player in modern and contemporary art. I love that Paris can be very classic and underground at the same time. You can in the very same day go visit the Bacon exhibition in Pompidou and in the evening go to the very same museum for the most underground party you’ve ever seen, organized by Rick Owens!! I love walking around Ile Saint-Louis to organize my thoughts and get some air too. The beauty of this city never ceases to amaze me!


How would you characterize yourself and what means professionalism for you?


I’m a very calm and soft person. I carry a lot of compassion which is not always easy as a business Woman.. One of my key and chore values is to respect people’s time which both refers to my customers and employees - I’m very thankful for everyone I meet and the amount of time people dedicate to me, to my gallery, to my artists and employees. Its the most rewarding part of my business!

Looking at the big picture, what value is art offering the society in the modern world in your opinion?

I think there are two types of art.The first one is the one which shows a great length of technique and research. The second is the one which was made in 5 seconds and is put a price that has no meaning and isn’t reflecting what it deserves. But that is very personal and each and everyone has a different opinion. I think that art - the one I represent from artists who unfortunately passed away -but invented new techniques and revolutionary ones. Viallat invented Support Surface (painting without a brush on a recycled material that is not a canvas). Art is the principal element of culture. It makes you travel through time and dream and feel good and warm. It makes you learn about artists, periods and what influenced them. It’s linked to a nation’s history and is traveling through time. It touches people - reconciles them or breaks them apart in tastes and opinions. It’s creating conversations and people can feel connected to one another. I think art is beautiful and it’s everywhere and it’s value is the wealth it brings to society in so many different ways.

Your top 3 destinations in the world? And why?

 Would love to try Tokyo - always been fascinated by this universe « lost in translation » feeling! Saint-Tropez and Saint-Barth are my go to! I love the sun and especially the sea. Nothing like the fresh breeze of vitamin C to recharge the batteries! There is this gypset feeling to both destinations that I love. Its so international you get to meet a lot of interesting new people.

If u weren't become a galleries what profession you would have chosen?

 I definitely would have been in renewable energy. In high school and university all of my classes and works were directed towards globalization and global warming. I’m fascinated buy how we as humans shape the world in which we are living and the power that we hold above it. Part of why I love my business is that by finding amazing and rare vintage items we get to recondition them and make them brand new and recycle in way. We do good at our own scale.

What are you plans for the future and how do you see the future of contemporary art?

 We’re developing already in Paris, we’re thinking to open 2 new galleries here and then move to the US for sure. I see our gallery as democratizing contemporary art in such a way that every human being feels comfortable to enter the gallery and ask about every piece there. My staff is well trained and knows its important to make a person feel welcomed and not afraid to ask any questions about the gallery. Most galleries are very cold and even myself feel reluctant entering .. it’s a weird feeling but I feel most galleries are reserved to the elite of the world. I want to go against all these commonly accepted misconceptions!

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